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100 Year Agreement of Turkey

With this historic agreement expiring in 2023, the myths of the restoration of the former Ottoman Empire have never been erased by the continued ambition of the Turks, as they are known for their expansion plans, colonization and nationalism. In 1923, the agreement was ratified after several rounds. Turkey can claim its territory over Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Cyprus and the Levant. Turkey can also claim its right to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. After World War 1, Mustafa Kemal Pasha put Islam aside. He banned the scarf and declared Turkey a secular state. 95% of The population of Turkey follows the religion of Islam. Tayyip Erdogan wants to restore Turkey`s status to Islam. Erdogan wants to rule the Muslim world and increase his influence in the Middle East. To this end, he took many steps, such as the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. If Turkey gets the tutelage of Mecca and Medina, Tayyip Erdogan`s dream of leading the Muslim world may come true. Turkey 2023 | What will happen in Turkey in 2023? | End of the Treaty of Lausanne in 2023| NSH Erdogan is totally deceived, BTW, Turkey has lost the 3rd part of its economy in the last 5 years, the Turks are tired of these two pieces Hitler, BTW, of a country that had good relations with all its neighbors, he is now considered an enemy for all.

He tried to pit each regional actor against the other while lying in bed with terrorist organizations. All he can finish with his Ottoman follies is a Treaty of Sèvres to balkanize Turkey. Well, in a way, he managed to do something incredible 10 years ago: now the Arabs are allying with Israel to counter the Turkish threat! The Ottoman Empire ruled over much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa for more than 600 years. The Empire collapsed during World War 1. A new leader, Mustafa Kamal, has emerged, leading the Turkish national movement opposed to the partition of mainland Turkey. Kemal established a provincial government in Ankara. He defeated the troops sent by the Allies. The war between the Allies and the Turkish national movement lasted until 1923, when a treaty between the Allies and Mustafa Kamal was signed in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This contract is known as The Treat of Lausanne. He defied the frontier of modern turkey. According to the Lausanne International Treaty, it expires in 2023. As stated by law, no contract can be implemented for more than 100 years. 2023 would be revolutionary for Turks, as President Erdogan himself says Turkey will enter a new era after 2023. Turkey is the 19th largest economy in the world with its $771.4 billion economy. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey will enter a new era after 2023. Experts say that turkey will be included in the top 10 countries in the world after 2023. But the question arises as to how this will be possible. What will happen in Turkey in 2023? Before you start our video, subscribe to our channel and tap on the bell icon. Ankara, for example, was reluctant to join the West`s anti-Gaddafi coalition in 2011, largely because Turkish businessmen did nearly $10 billion in business in Libya last year. When the civil war broke out in Syria shortly after the uprising in Libya began, Erdogan and Davutoglu were eager to be on the right side of history from the beginning – and were probably also a little embarrassed that improving relations with Bashar al-Assad`s regime was one of the most important and profitable achievements of the “zero problem” policy.

The Treaty of Lausanne led to the international recognition of the sovereignty of the new Republic of Turkey as the successor state of the defunct Ottoman Empire. [3] As a result of the treaty, the Ottoman national debt was divided between Turkey and the countries that emerged from the former Ottoman Empire. [27] The Strait Convention lasted only thirteen years and was replaced in 1936 by the Montreux Convention on the Regulation of the Strait. The customs restrictions provided for in the Treaty were revised shortly thereafter. Turkey is waging proxy wars in the Middle East. Turkey`s military operation in Syria indicates the restoration of land once owned by Turkey. If Turkey succeeds in reconquering its country, it could revive the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan announced that Turkey will shape the future of the entire region if it achieves its goal in 2023. Do you think Turkey will make a real difference on the world map after 2023? Will Turkey become a world power after the end of lausanne treatment? After the victory over the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Britain, France, Italy and Greece divided Anatolia and colonized the territory of present-day Turkey. However, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk reorganized the remnants of the Ottoman army and thwarted this attempt at partition with clever diplomacy and several years of war.

Subsequently, the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 recognized Atatürk`s victory and established the borders of modern Turkey. Lausanne then became part of the country`s founding myth. For a while, he even had his own party, Lausanne Day, where children were dressed in costumes depicting disputed regions of Anatolia for primary school games. In 1839, Britain invaded China to crush resistance to its involvement in the country`s economic and political affairs, and one of the main objectives of the British War was to occupy Hong Kong Island, which is populated next to the coast of southeastern China. .