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What Happens When Starhub Contract Expires

Hello @user_9202f4, welcome to the GreenR community. If you move your current broadband service, you can choose to contract your service again, eliminating the relocation fee. If you insist on cancelling, please visit one of our StarHub outlets in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall and bring all the devices listed below: As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify and streamline our offerings, old mobile rates will not be available for new contracts. There is no early cancellation fee if your plan is a no-contract plan or if you have completed the term of your contract. Once your contract is over, any discounts related to your cell line will also be forfeited. Therefore, the monthly subscription of your cellular line is the usual price, depending on the cellular plan you are on. Don`t cancel, I want to continue my Starhub TV Asian Pass and TVB plan, but I don`t know if I will have to re-sign a new contract after my current contract expires in May, since I am not a StarHub Internet subscriber, I am afraid I will have to pay for additional access to the fiber link after my current TV contract expires. Hello, my current Fiber contract ends on May 26, 2020. Please specify the procedure to interrupt the service if I do not wish to continue the service without additional fees and penalties. in particular, is notification required? If you wish to cancel your mobile connection after the end of the contract, you can call our hotline at 1633 before going abroad and request a cancellation in advance. There is no contract for a SIM plan only and you can sign a new contract, transfer it to another telecommunications company and cancel it at any time. My 500 Mbps cable broadband contract expires on January 7, 2021. Did you want to know that if I do not log back in, I will continue to pay the same fees as in the contract or will the fees be increased? Can I ask how I can cancel my account and why there is a cancellation fee if my contract has already expired? 1.

What measures are necessary to terminate the contract upon termination of the contract. If you have fulfilled the entire term of your contract, a connection fee of $32.10 will be charged for each fiber broadband plan. You will also be notified of any other applicable fees (e.g. B missing equipment, outstanding balance) if you request the cancellation and re-enter it in your final StarHub invoice. Once your contract has expired, you can cancel it at any time without incurring an early cancellation fee. Please note that you will need to return your equipment, otherwise there will be a loss fee. Hello, my Starhub TV contract ends soon in May 2021, I need to do something to avoid additional charges on my bill after the contract ends, my TV plans are Asian Pass and TVB Jade. Hello @user_82e84d, welcome to the GreenR community. Please check your service contract to see if your contract contains any promotions that also expire after your contract expires. This means that after the expiration of these promotions, the applicable fees will apply thereafter. It also informs you of what to expect with this termination. For example, for mobile services – early cancellation fee (if applicable), you may need to cancel third-party services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

for broadband/TV services – How to return your equipment and charge for lost devices, associated connection fees, etc. You can port to another telecommunications company, but you must wait for the expiration date of the contract. Why do we have to pay the shutdown fee when we have already fulfilled our contractual obligations? This was not mentioned anywhere in the contract we signed 2 years ago. Singtel`s fiber optic broadband doesn`t have those ridiculous separation fees at the end of the contract. Can you justify that? This requires a mention in the Straits Times forum, all customers should be aware of this. Thank you. Hello, If I continue with the current contract without a follow-up contract for 1 year or 2 years, I can cancel the current contract at any time without penalty fees, right? Yes, you can keep your current plan without renewing the contract. Hello, my contract ends on 09. September, but I will be abroad after that day. Can I know or confirm the following? My 4G4 contract expires at the end of June. .