Korean Traditional Arts Center

우리가락한국문화예술원은 (WKCAC) 1998 년 설립되었고, 강은주 원장은 한국무용을 전수하기 위해 노력하고있습니다. 또한 WKCAC는 한국 전통무용 뿐 아니라 다양한 장르의 수업을 제공합니다. 배우는 과정에서 수강자는 일상 생활을 스트레스를 해소하는데에도 크게 도움이 되고 있다고 말합니다. WKCAC는 여러분과 함께 더 나은 삶을 나누기를 원합니다.

Woorigarak Korean Cultural Arts Center (WKCAC) was established in 1998. Director, Eunjoo Kang has been making an effort to preserve the culture and custom of traditional Korean dance and music. Along with Korean Traditional dance, WKCAC also offers a diverse range of classes. Throughout the courses, people have the opportunity to have fun while getting exercising. Dance has the amazing ability to help relieve the stresses of daily life. WKCAC would like to share a better life with you!

Performance Activities

WKCAC is spreading the beauty of Korean Dance throughout various performances in New York metropolitan area based on the past performance experiences in ten cities of five countries. Introducing Korean traditional dance to Asian related events of colleges, cities, communities, WKCAC shows good images of Korean culture to US residents, and inspires Korean Americans their pride. Not only solo performance, director Eunjoo Kang choreographs Korean dances for her dancers’ stage.

Teaching Activities

WKCAC also offers a diverse range of classes to next generations of Korean Americans. It’s to instill pride of Korean culture in them, and cultivate their identity. The Korean traditional dance classes are Korean dance basic, Fan Dance, Seol Jangu, Samgomu, Mask Dance, etc. WACAC increase familiarity of Korean culture to US youth generation providing after school programs and Korean culture workshops to nearby primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Support silver generation

WKCAC has opened its doors to allow silver generation to learn Korean dance at low cost. Throughout the courses, silver generation have the opportunity to have fun while getting exercising. Dance has the amazing ability to help relieve the stresses of daily life. Various diseases caused by the lack of modern movement. WKCAC encourages them active movement of the body, and continues to contribute to the improved health index of silver generation.



Date City Place/Host Event Title Individual/Group
2015-07-16 뉴저지 헤켄섹 재미한국학교협의회 2015년 NAKS 학술대회 Individual
2015-07-10 뉴저지 헤켄섹 미주한국국악진흥회 제 15차 세계한국국악경연대회 - 강은주 원장 명인부 대상 수상 Individual
2015-06-05 뉴저지 팰리세이드팍 팰리세이드팍 고등학교 제 4차 콘서트 '희망' Individual
2015-05-16 뉴저지 체리힐 남부뉴저지통합한국학교 독도페스티벌 Individual
2015-05-02 멕시코 (5/2~5) Mundo Maya 국제페스티벌 Korean Traditional Music Association
2015-04-22 뉴욕 뉴욕 FIT 제5차 국제 댄스&뮤직페스티벌 Individual
2015-04-11 뉴저지 해스브룩 하이츠 해스브룩 하이츠 도서관 한국 전통 공연 Individual
2015-03-31 뉴저지 팰리세이드팍 팰리세이드팍 고등학교 (3/31, 4/1) 탈춤워크숍 Individual
2015-03-25 뉴저지 파시파니 4 Sylvan Way, Parsippany NJ 아시안 헤리티지 퍼포먼스 Individual
2015-02-27 뉴저지 클로스터 Closter Hillside Public School, Tenakill Middle School Lunar's New Year Ceremony Individual
2015-01-03 뉴저지 파라무스 필그림 교회 국악 찬양의 향연 Korean Traditional Music Association