Director – EunJoo Kang


1985 경남 진주여자고등학교 졸업
1989 숙명여자대학교 무용학과 졸업
1995 New York University 무용 고등교육학 석사 학위 Master of Arts in Dance Higher Education

Since an early age Eunjoo Kang has studied dance and has continued to pursue her education. In 1989, she enrolled in Sookmyung Women University and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued her education by studying traditional and folk Korean dance under Mubong Hwang from 1982-1984. From 1985 to 1993, she learned The Dance of the Buddhist Nun (Sung Moo), Salpuri, Taepyungmoo, and other traditional Korean dances under the mentorship of Human Living Treasure (HLT), Jaeman Chung.


In an effort to develop a new perspective and form her own theory of traditional Korean dance, Ms. Kang attended New York University to earn a Master’s degree in Dance Higher Education in 1995. Her studies at NYU focused on Eric Hawkins Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance as well as the Laban’s Effort Shape Theory and Movements.


Ms. Kang is currently serving as the artistic director of Woorigarak Korean Cultural Art Center, in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Some of Ms. Kang’s recent accolades include: the 2018 Choreography Prize in Dance Award from the Asian Traditional Performing Arts Competition, the 2016 Grand Prize in The 7th Dongbu Folk Art Competition at Kyungju City, Kyungsangbuk-do, South Korea, the 2015 Grand Prize from Traditional Art Society of Korea (TASK) in the 15th World Korean Traditional Music Competition, and under Ms. Kang tutelage her students were awarded the Grand Prize in Asian Traditional Performing Arts Competition 2018 in addition to the Special Award from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York.


Ms. Kang has performed all over Asia, Europe and North America in various tours, festivals and competitions. Her noteworthy performances included: Korean Culture Night “Krazy about Korea” at Pennsylvania State University, 15th Annual Recognizing and Celebrating Ethnicities (RACE) at William Paterson University, Pan Asian Lunar New Year Celebration at Rutgers University, New York Times Square Taekwondo and Hansik Festival, Korean Traditional Mask Dance Workshop at Saint Joseph Pro Cathedral School, Korean Cultural Outreach Network (KCON) Music Festival, Mundo Maya at Mexico International Festival, Korea America Friendship Night at Korea America Friendship Society (Washington DC), Celebration of Asian Culture Music Dance and Arts at Metropolitan Museum of Arts, International Symposium of Chemistry at Columbia University.