강은주 원장

승무 보유자인 인간문화재 정재만 선생을 사사, 1989년 숙명여대 무용과를 졸업했다. 1993년 도미 후, 뉴욕대(NYU)대학원에서 석사과정을 마치고 1998년 우리가락한국문화예술원 설립 후 활발한 공연과 강의로 활동 중이다. 지난 2015년 7월 제 15차 세계한국국악경연대회에서 명인부 대상 수상한 바 있다.

Eunjoo Kang started dancing at an early age and has continued her dance education under the prominent Korean Traditional dancers, Mubong Whang and Jaeman Chung in Sookmyung Women University; where she received a BA degree in dance. In 1995, Kang earned her Master’s degree from New York University in Dance Education. Currently serving as managing director of Woori Garak Dance Company, based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey since 1998, as the director and a dancer at Panoram Asian Dance Project company in New York since 2007, and as the director of Korean Dance at Korean Community Center (FGS) in Englewood, New Jersey since 2011; Eunjoo Kang has been actively performing and choreographing to promote the beauty of Korean traditional dance through numerous festivals and dance performances in Asia, Europe, and the United States for the past 20 years.

가야금 병창 판소리 오정희 강사

중요무형문화재 제23호 가야금산조 및 병창 이수자로 향사 박귀희, 안숙선선생께 사사하였고 전남대학교 예술대학과 중앙대학교 음악대학원 석사 학위를 받았다. 서울예술대학과 상명대학교에서 강사를 역임하였다.

Jung-Hee Oh is a Korean traditional music artist of Gayageum Byeong-chang. A holder of the Korean government’s Ministry of Culture Intangible Cultural Property No. 23, she is a music director and teaching artist at the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association based in Manhattan, NY and also teaches in New England. She holds a M.A. in Korean traditional music from Choong-Ang University in Seoul, Korea.

사물놀이 지도 김지선 강사

>한양대학교를 졸업하고 뉴저지에 거주하면서 사물놀이 팀 ‘신명’ 단장, 한국학교 교사로 활동해 왔다. 문화센터 및 공립학교 등지에서도 에프터스쿨 프로그램으로 사물놀이를 지도하고 있으며 20년 간 다수의 공연 경력이 있다.

Jiyeon Kim began her classic ballet training at the age of six and at age twelve to continue her professional training at the Academy of the Dance.She then studied at Sejong University in 2006-2010 and then she moved to New York when she graduated from university. She started Contemporary ballet performance since when she moved to New York. She is also teaching ballet,kids hip-hop,stretch,some other kind of dance Experience sine 2006.

해금연주자 강리경 강사

해금연주자 강리경 선생은 1993년 국립국악고등학교를 입문하여 해금 연주자의 길로 들어섰는데, 제25회 전국난계국악경연대회에서 금상 수상, 협연과 독주 등 다수의 연주경력이 있다. 한양대학교 음악대학원 박사과정을 수료한 뒤 2008년 미국 뉴욕으로 이주, 2010년에는 Korea Society 에서 독주회를 갖는 등 미국 내 외 각종 연주활동을 펼치고 있다.

Lee-Kyung Kang a renowned haegeum artist, leads a multi-faceted career that encompasses performing as a soloist, Ms. Kang graduated from Gukak (Traditional Music) National High School and received B.A and M.A from Yong-In University. Also recieved M.A Graduate School of Education from Yong-In University and Certificate of teaching for Middle School and High School in Music. She has been awarded the grand prize for the National Nan-Gye Korean Traditional Music Competition in 1999. Currently Ms. Kang is completing her Doctor of Musical Art degree (ABD in Doctor of Musical Arts) at Han-Yang University in Seoul and is a member of KTPAA(Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association) and is Crossover Jazz team “JinYang” member.